• Lauren

Whats Your Makeup Hygiene Rating?

We all know that we should clean out our makeup bags and brushes more often. But is there anything less inspiring than the thought of an afternoon shampooing brush and disinfecting our makeup? Urgh.

So, first things first, let’s get the facts. Keeping your makeup safe and clean breaks down into two broad categories, the shelf life of your makeup and the hygienic practices you follow.

What is the shelf life of a product?

The easiest way to know for certain is to take a look at the packaging and see if you can find a little symbol of a tub with a number on it. That number is the number of months after opening the product that it’s safe to use. You might be shocked by how short some of these shelf lives are! Broadly speaking your product shelf life is about:

- 3 Months for mascara

- 12 Months for foundations and lipstick

- 18-24 months for powder products like blushers or eyeshadows

Now, there are some ways to bend those rules, but before we get into that, a short disclaimer, Shelf lives are there for a reason, to keep you safe. It’s up to you to make an educated decision about how long you keep products in your makeup bag, You’ll remember from high school biology that bacteria and fungi just love wet environments, so your liquid products are going to have the shortest shelf lives, so let’s focus on a product like mascara. You apply it with a wand that goes onto your lashes, then back in the bottle. There’s almost nothing you can do to limit the contamination of a mascara. Our advice? Buy the mini travel-sized bottles and religiously chuck it every 3 months.

What do I need to know about hygiene?

Your other liquid products, like a foundation, could be kept a little cleaner. Think of it like food. Don’t put your fingers or unwashed brushes into the neck of the bottle. Instead, dispense a little onto a palette and work from there, of course disposing of anything you don’t use. For products that apply directly from the packaging, like lipstick or eyeliner, always give it a quick wipe or sharpen after each use to keep it squeaky clean.

For your powder products, the best thing you can do to keep them clean is to keep your tools clean! Dirty brushes have picked up oil and bacteria from your face and will deposit them straight into your gorgeous new eye shadow (as well as resulting in a murky colour)

Circling back to our food analogy, keep your makeup station like a food preparation area. A little bit of anti-bac hand gel and a spritz of brush cleanser is all you need and will make a huge difference. Expect to see the biggest difference in your skin, which ought to be glowing in no time.

Brush cleanser, which you can buy from any drugstore, is perfect for day to day clean-ups. We’d recommend that for daily makeup wearers, the brushes for wet products, like foundations, are given a little shampoo once a week. Dry products can maybe go a bit longer but please do remember to give your brush a wash after using a strong colour, or risk a surprise next time you try and apply a subtle taupe!

Are you exhausted just from reading that? Don’t worry, we have some great news. Our eyeMajic products make immaculate hygiene almost too easy.

These eyeshadows are single-use, so guess what, absolutely zero risk of contaminating your product with oil and bacteria from your face. They’re simply sterile when you open them, no prep or clean up needed. You know what else isn’t needed? Brushes! So wave bye-bye to the much-hated task for cleaning the brushes, a clean finger is all you need. So imagine you’re doing your makeup in a less than ideally clean situation, say, at the gym or whilst travelling. eyeMajic means taking out perfectly clean makeup, applying it directly from the packaging, then having nothing to put back in our bag. The dream, right?