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5 Festive Looks to Sparkle This Holiday Season

Jewel-toned eyeliner. 

Want a quick way to dress up your day look with minimal fuss? We love a coloured eyeliner. Keep the rest of the look low-key and go glam with a vibrant cat eye, or grungy with smudged out liner along the lower lash line. Less is more is the key to pulling this off. 

Pick a nude base (may we suggest 021 Wild Honey?) to let your coloured eyeliner really sing. But which to choose? Of course, there’s no wrong answer but you might want to consider your eye colour. Brown eyes are the most versatile, you can pull off almost anything, but a cobalt blue is our personal favourite for darker browns or emerald green for more hazel. Blue or grey eyes look gorgeous paired with gold, and green eyes can’t go wrong with amethyst purple.

Iridescent Touches. 

A few little pops of highlighter here are a simple shortcut to bringing a gorgeous frosted look to your makeup. Sweep on highlighter to your cheekbones and inner corners of your eyes. The trick here is using a well-loaded, dense brush and a gentle touch. Not got a highlighter? No problem! Get the same shimmering bright eyes with one of our brighter shimmer shades, for example, 023 Debutant.


Trust us, you can pull this off and you will look so unbelievably chic. Do you have a favourite lip colour or cheek colour? Pick yourself an eyeMajic to match. It doesn’t matter what shade you choose, but you do have to commit! Try Shade 012 Monte Carlo with a light rosy blush and bee-stung pink lips for a subtle, off-duty model look or go full vampy glam with 020 Macchiato, paired with some sharp contour and oxblood red lips.

Green Eyeshadow. 

Green eyeshadow is so often overlooked, but a rich satin green is such a perfect holiday colour! As with any highly pigmented look, primer is going to be your best friend here. You’re also going to want to do your eyes first. eyeMajic is very clean, but with colours as strong as this, even a tiny bit of fallout will mess up your foundation. Here’s what you’re going to do:

- Cover your entire lid in eye primer

- Pick your shade. We love 015 Double Mint. 

- Press down just a little bit more thoroughly than normal. Start at the inner corner and really roll the applicator across the entire eye before slide it slowly off to the outside

- Use a clean brush to pick up any remaining product from the applicator and blend into the crease

- Once you’ve finished the rest of your face, use a setting spray to keep the look flawless and vibrant.

Metallic Lips

We love a multitasking product, so we were wondering, how would eyeMajic work as a lipstick topper? The answer? Brilliantly! If you want to try the metallic lip trend that we’re seeing absolutely everywhere this winter, then start here:

- Apply your favourite lipstick. Don’t forget to exfoliate.

- Use a lip liner and apply with a brush. Don’t blot! If you have a satin lipstick, it might be fine, but if it’s very matte, sweep on a tiny touch of clear lip gloss.

- Take the applicator you’ve just used on your eyes and sweep it over your lips! You may want to use a dense, flat brush.

Our festive favourites are 038, Long Night and 039, Forward Smile. Take a moment to admire your gorgeous metallic lips before finishing off with a setting spray.

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