"My parents invented eyeMajic"

An engineer & a cosmetologist who wanted to create safe cosmetics - totally free of toxins.

So they collaborated with space scientists

(all a bit hush hush) to develop this clever, little, heat-sensitive pad.

No nasty ingredients, no fillers, no dirty brushes.

Just beautiful colours for instant, professional eyeshadow.


Plus it's recyclable and not tested on animals -

it was all tested on me! 


In 2001, Australian Husband & wife team Rocky & Grace Mammone embarked on their mission to create the world’s easiest eyeshadow application.
A product that would become
eyeMajic™ Instant Eyeshadow.

Geometric White bckgrd1_edited.jpg
  • Over 10 years in Research & Development.

  • Fully patented & approved by the FDA in US, Australia, Thailand, Brasil, with full certification from EU, UK, China, and Japan. 

  • 2014 - Won International Beauty Award for Creativity and Innovation. 

  • Seen on OPRAH & Ellen DeGeneres.

  • 2018 Launched at London's Olympia Beauty Show.

  • 2019 Thai Actress/ Model Metinnee Kingpayome partners to create Metinnee's Secret. 

  • Sold millions all over the world - even during COVID - it's all  about the eyes!