Find out which colour arrangements suit your eye shape.

Section 3 

Section 2

Section 1


The eyes are set

deeper in the head,

so the lower lid can

be partly hidden,

and the brow bone more prominent.

Suits lighter colours

in section 1, with darker colours in section

2 plus highlighter.

Our selection of “RV”

or “Reverse” shades

are suitable for

Deep Set Eyes.

Angelina Jolie has

Deep Set Eyes.

Here there is more

skin on the upper

eyelid which falls on

to the lower lid, partly

or completely hiding it. 

Suits darker shading

in section 2, and a

warm highlighter.

Our selection of “RV”

or “Reverse” shades

are suitable for

Hooded Eyes. 

Blake Lively has

Hooded Eyes.

The eyelid presents 

as one area with no obvious upper/lower parts.

Suits darker colours

in section 1, plus 

a warm highlighter

or none at all.


Our selection of

"CH" shades are
designed without

a highlighter

for Monolid Eyes.

Sandra Oh has

Monolid Eyes.

Here the lower lid is projected forward, giving a bigger area

in both the lower

and upper lids.

Suits a heavy dark liner along the lash

line, topped with

either regular or Reverse shade


Mila Kunis has

Protruding Eyes.

Which eye am I? 

If you have balanced eyes, you can try any style to see which you prefer.