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Let's create Majic together!

Helping women go to University. 

With every purchase of eyeMajic 5% goes to the Asian University for Women (AUW) which provides scholarships for women to go to University.


Each year the AUW help girls from underprivileged backgrounds get the education they need to lift them and their families out of poverty. See more details below.


  • Educate women to become highly motivated and effective professionals, leaders, and service-oriented citizens

  • Provide a vibrant and diverse residential learning community where highly talented women from many cultural and religious backgrounds can grow both intellectually and personally

  • Create a student-focused learning environment where the humanities and natural and social sciences establish a broad base of inquiry

  • Focus student learning on the acquisition of intellectual abilities, reflective personal growth, leadership abilities, and a service-oriented outlook.

At AUW we make it our mission to:

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